When Is It Time To See A Spine Specialist?

We all get aches and pains occasionally. Sometimes we know what led to our latest backache, but other times it’s a mystery. We know to use heating pads, OTC meds, and stretches to help it resolve. When it doesn’t go away on its own, suffering from back pain can lead to lost time from work and problems with everyday activities. These situations don’t always need the intervention of a medical professional, but when is it time to see a spine specialist?

Severe Pain

You’ll know it when you feel it. It is pain that makes walking difficult and affects driving and your other daily activities. It is, you can say, enough.

Chronic Back Pain That Doesn’t Seem To Ever Get Better

Some people are so accustomed to their pain, they can’t remember how long they have been suffering. If this pain interferes with everyday chores and your lifestyle, it’s probably a good time to see a spine specialist. There may be specific stretches that can help, physical therapy to relieve the pain or other therapies that can help comfortability.Spine Surgeon in Boston, MA

Pain That Travels Down Your Leg

If your back pain is accompanied by pain in your leg, this could be an injured, compressed, or inflamed spinal nerve root.  Medically it’s called radiculopathy and it won’t resolve on its own.

The Sudden Onset Of Bladder Problems

If you begin to have bowel and bladder issues that you can’t control, this could be a symptom of more than just back pain called cauda equina syndrome. This is a serious medical emergency!

Leg Weakness

If you begin to experience numbness or weakness in your legs, crotch, buttocks, or hips, this could be an issue in your lower spine, especially if it lasts for several days. You may have trouble walking. Make an appointment with Dr. Frank Pedlow as soon as possible.

Back Pain With A Fever

If your temperature is greater than 101, this could be signs of an infection in your spine. Don’t delay calling a specialist.

Also, don’t postpone seeing a specialist due to fear of only surgical repair. This is not the case. There are many conservative (non-surgical) treatments available for back pain.

Contact Dr. Frank Pedlow today if you are experiencing back pain with any of the above additional symptoms.