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Over the past decade, advances in Sports Medicine have led to changes in the diagnosis and treatment of many sports related injuries. There has been extensive study of and reporting on sport specific injury patterns to the peripheral joints and soft tissues and their methods of treatment. With these injuries, as with injures to the spine, advances in imaging techniques have led to a greater understanding of injury patterns. There has also been much study aimed at understanding the mechanisms of spine  injuries and their prevention. Sports specific training programs, injury prevention strategies, player and coach education, rule changes and equipment improvement are just some of the measures that have been directed toward minimizing the risk and decreasing the incidence of sports related spine injuries.

Football Athelete

Dr. Pedlow is a former two-sport collegiate athlete, playing both football and baseball. Whether you are a professional or collegiate athlete, or a “weekend ( or weeknight ) warrior”, at Boston Spine Surgery we understand your desire to compete and your need to “get back in the game”. When addressing your specific spine problem, our goal will be to:

  • Correctly diagnose the cause of your pain of disability
  • Implement sports specific rehabilitation programs to help you return to your pre-injury level of performance
  • Identify diagnosis that may put you at risk for further injury and make recommendations with regard to your ability to return to play
  • Use modern advances in surgical technique to repair the injury and prevent further damage when necessary

Boston Spine Surgery has been asked to perform consultations on players and coaches from the following teams:

Sports Medicine Consultations

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