Specialty Spine Services in Boston, MA

As specialists in the spine, we provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment for all types of back and neck problems. Patients who come to our office often are experiencing back pain, neck pain, leg pain and/or muscle spasms that may be related to a degenerative or traumatic condition, an injury or a deformity. We diagnose and treat common problems such as a pinched nerve (sciatica),  muscle strains and herniated discs (slipped discs), but we also have advanced training to provide leading-edge treatments for complex conditions, including stenosis, scoliosis, and anterior lumbar interbody fusion.

Contact the office of Frank X Pedlow Jr at (617) 227-9300 if you are seeking personalized spine care in Boston, Massachusetts.

Spine Conditions Dr. Pedlow Treats

Dr. Frank Pedlow specializes in the treatment of the following conditions of the spine in Boston, MA.

Procedures Dr. Pedlow

Types of surgeries performed by Dr. Pedlow: