Anterior Cervical Fusion in Boston, MA

What is an Anterior Cervical Fusion?

During this surgery, Dr. Pedlow will remove a herniated or degenerative vertebral disc in your neck and replaces it with a bone graft. This can relieve painful pressure on spinal nerves.

Preparing for the Procedure

In preparation for the procedure, you are positioned on your back and anesthetized. Dr. Pedlow will create a small incision in the front of your neck. The structures within your neck are gently moved aside to create a path to your spine. Dr. Pedlow then carefully removes the damaged disc. This leaves a space between the vertebrae.

Inserting the Graft

Dr. Pedlow inserts a bone graft into this space. The graft fills the open space and holds the vertebrae in the proper position. Dr. Pedlow may secure the graft with a metal plate and screws.

Following the Procedure

When the procedure is complete, the incision is closed. As your spine heals, new bone will grow. The graft will become permanently attached to the vertebrae. This is called “fusion”.

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