Spinal Infection Treatment in Boston, MA

What is a Spinal Infection?

This is an infection most often caused by staphylococcus or E. coli bacteria. It may involve the bones, discs, and soft tissues of your spine. It can start in one area of your spine and spread to other parts. It can cause pain and other problems.

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What Causes a Spinal Infection?

A spinal infection can result from traumatic injury or from spinal surgery. These can introduce harmful bacteria directly to your spine. Some spinal infections start in other areas of your body. Bacteria from a pelvic infection, for example, can travel through your bloodstream to your spine. It can infect and weaken your spinal discs. It can spread through your vertebrae, causing your bones to deteriorate. This allows your vertebrae to shift out of alignment, which puts pressure on your nerve roots.


Symptoms may include pain, fever and chills. You may have muscle spasms. You may lose weight. As the infection progresses, you may experience other problems.

Treatment for a Spinal Infection in Boston

Treatment options may include medications, rest and a back brace to support your spine. If these methods are not effective, you may benefit from a surgical procedure.

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